Health & Safety

Health and Safety is of the utmost importance to us

Our education staff have completed Countryside Visits Accreditation and First Aid training. A welcome health and safety talk is included for all guided visits and we have ample handwashing and boot washing facilities on site.

All visit leaders will be provided with a visit information pack including our risk assessment and health and safety information specific to the day prior to visiting.

Teachers and group leaders are invited to visit the farm free of charge, to view the site and carry out their own risk assessments.

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As members of the National Farm Attractions Network (NFAN), we adhere to the Industry Code of Practice which provides guidelines on how children and adults should interact with animals on farm parks.

The paddocks area, where the majority of the animals are kept, is separated by a double fence from the rest of the site. There will be no animal manure under foot on any tracks or pathways in this area. Visitors are encouraged to use the washing station at the entrance to the animal area as they leave.